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July 25, 2023
Silver Tail Vodka
July 28, 2022

Willem Barentsz Handcrafted Gin

The secret to Barentsz Gin comes from a unique marriage of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat. The creamy texture of the Rye gives a longer, rounded finish. Wheat adds complexity and brings out sweeter notes which complement the Orange Peel and our signature Exotic Jasmine Flowers. Our Pioneering Spirit is pot distilled in small batches to guarantee our distinctively smooth and superior taste.

Willem Barentsz Handcrafted Mandarin & Jasmine Gin

Barentsz Gin is proud to present our second pioneering spirit; a distinctively smooth, fragrant and fresh gin. In honour of Dutch Arctic explorer, Willem Barentsz, our jasmine and mandarin botanicals are inspired by his quest for a Northeastern trading route to China by way of the sea. Distilled in small batches in London, our latest gin is delicately infused with natural mandarin peel and exotic jasmine flowers for a distinctively smooth and fresh taste. The creamy texture of the rye provides a longer, rounded finish, whilst wheat adds complexity and brings out sweeter notes, which complement the fresh taste of natural mandarin peel and signature exotic jasmine flowers.

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