Why invest in Innovatus?

Established and independent brands

Innovatus Drinks is carefully evaluating and adapting to the market and launching new products to fulfil demand trends.

With Horse Guards Gin at the heart of the portfolio and positioned squarely in the premium market, the new products complete a full range of spirits.

In a growing market

Alchohol based beverages has a strong record of value growth over the last 10 years. Creating Premium products and brands has been a consistent trend with the highest price tiers growing at more than double the spirits category growth rate between 2015 and 2022.

Spirits’ versatility provides the flexibility to respond to evolving consumer tastes and occasions. Cocktails and ready to drink (RTDs) premixed are a big growth market with the uses and consumption in places such as events and days out, not just at home.


A well established footprint and brand collection

As a Premium brand we take pride in sponsoring or marketing at events like Windsor Races helping to push the brand into the right marketplace. We take a pro-active and disciplined approach to managing our portfolio of brands. Working with experts in the art of brand building and in innovation, combining creativity with data and tools that deepen our understanding of consumers and customers.

Strong organic growth of our brands both online and directly has been driven by creative, effective marketing and insights-driven innovation. It has also contributed to the strengthening of our portfolio in other countries.



An active approach to all consumers

We aim to have the right product in the right place at the right time in order to win heart with consumers. We have invested in online digital capabilities that deliver consistent ways of marketing and enable our team to ensure maximum exposure.

From the outset we have sold online with our e-commerce and direct-to-consumer capabilities, we use our own sales online fulfilment as well as Amazon Prime enabling next or in some cases same day delivery.

By combining a multi line approach for online sales and commerce partnering with 'Not On The High Sreet' we enable our gift range to to continue to grow in popularity and sales.